This planet is weird

hello there,
I hope you all are having a wonderful day.
I guess I'm a teenager in the united states.
I have a secondary blog @baconducks .
my blog is pretty much whatever I like I reblog.
can mostly consist of adventure time, inspirational things and advice, random fandoms, cats, or any animal, anything I just find humorous or interesting, etc. etc etc.
and I might post or reblog a occasional Christian post, yeah. I'm kinda really into Christianity. Oh and I promise I will not judge anybody or hate on anybody, I will try to understand everybody as much as I can but if I don't I will not hate you for it. Annd if you need anybody to talk to or advice you can message me or send me an ask. I will try my best to help you out.

Man I love adventure time and this is awesome
  • 22 September 2013
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